In any organizational setting and or society there need be a prescribed form of conduct and behavior. For the governance and regulation of the society in harmony such prescriptions would come in handy in enabling such an achievement.  Such prescribed form of conduct and behavior established by a community as applicable to its people are generally referred to as law. Criminal law, Civil law, Personal Injury Law, et cetera are some of the categories that the body of laws are further categorized into in the legal practice. Criminal Law and its application will be of our interest in this particular article.

As we mentioned in the introductory section, the purpose of law is to regulate the conduct of members of a society in an alignment with generally accepted standards and or principles. A crime may be defined as an act that may cause harm or disgust to an individual or community. The category of law that handles the protection of harm, injury, and disgust caused to an individual or community by violators is referred to as New York City Personal Injury Law. Examples of some of the acts protected and addressed by Criminal Law include murder and rape among a host of others. It is thus a primary focus of Criminal Law to help reverse and completely deter people from the commission of such acts.  Safety would thus be enhanced in a community with the presence of laws on crime and rules that proscribe punishment for their violation.

Crimes come in different forms and types in so far as the law is concerned. There are those crimes that cause direct bodily harm such as cases of murder and manslaughter while others involve property rights and their violation such as arson and theft.  In the second sense we are referring to willful depriving of a rightful owner the enjoyment of his or her property by another.  Such an act would be considered theft and as such criminal and the one in offence would stand liable in law. Other offences that will be considered criminal in the eyes of the law include arson and burglary.

The penal code as constituted by the legislative arms of government prescribes punishment for the violation of such laws and rules such that would help enable these laws live up to their purpose. Offences which are criminal in nature carry a variety of punishment most often depending on the magnitude and nature of such offence. Depending on the type and magnitude of the offense in the charge, the sentences awarded for criminal offenses in New York City Civil Rights Law would always vary from case to case and charge to charge as some would end in the death penalty and some in a jail-term sentencing.

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